After starting in agricultural sales in 1977 servicing farmers, Jeff soon caught the sales "bug" and learnt that the most important business function was to effectively market ones wares.

After four years in the industry he went on a discovery of becoming more effective in his pursuits and until 1995 he worked in the marketing side of the life improvement industry, learning a lot about people, as well as marketing. Whilst still continuing along this line, he then ventured into the publishing industry.

He soon learnt he had a knack of markedly increasing the custom of the businesses he was involved in, whilst working in different parts of Australia. He then decided to use his knowledge in a more broad sense to help the "masses" in business.

Disturbed by the enormous expense that some marketing companies and advertising agencies were charging, he decided to put his hard won knowledge and experience into an Audio eBook format, so that the business owner could easily and affordably benefit from his knowledge.

He continues to help businesses with marketing plans and advertising campaigns that are affordable, so they can effectively reach their business goals and get the profits and achieve the lifestyle they so richly deserve.

Jeff's philosophy is that the small business owner is the real backbone of society that keeps the "wheels in motion" and therefore should be helped the most.