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7 Tips To Help Boom Your Business In 2015!

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Hope you had a great vacation and you are all "locked and loaded" for a great 2015. I went to Alice Springs in the middle of Australia in the Outback and now feel refreshed and ready to take on 2015.
Here are some top tips for you to help have a great and super productive year:

1) Become more customer focused. Your customers are your lifeblood so work out what you can do to give them even more exchange for their money. It might be just simply to give them more helpful advice, which you can do when they are in the shop, or by creating a weekly or monthly helpful tips newsletter to email to them. Or it could be a two for one, discount, free complimentary service check, free coffee or whatever. Work something out.

2) Make sure you and all your staff are polite and friendly to your customers. I talk to a lot of business owners, marketing staff and receptionists each week and I still encounter 3 or 4 times in a week unfriendly, unhelpful or even rude staff. Keep your eye on your staff to make sure they are being friendly and helpful, quickly correct them if not, and also set the right example yourself. Rude, unfriendly and unhelpful staff is one of the biggest business killers there is as you yourself would know when you have been treated like this.

3) Create a marketing plan if you have not already done so. Work out how much you are going to spend on marketing for the year and where you are going to spend it and with what frequency. Although the last point is a business killer, this point is the no.1 killer, as if you don’t market your business enough and effectively, no-one will know you exist. 
So sit down and work it out and draw it up with the advertising mediums you are going to use and the frequency that you will use them. The chart should have columns for each month of the year and then draw in the mediums i.e. February 1st week – Get out email newsletter to our database, 1/4 page advert in the Daily Times every week, 2 week block of radio ads on Station X etc.
Do that for the whole 12 months but also get prices from all those mediums you are going to use, right away. Don’t wait til months down the track, find out now so that you know it will all fit in your yearly budget. Also factor in a few extra dollars in reserve for advertising offers that someone may approach you with that are too good to refuse. Then pin that chart on a wall where you can see it daily and implement it.

4) Make sure your are promoting to your target market. I still find a lot of businesses promoting in unsuitable mediums for them, usually because they have been talked into it by an expert salesperson. Always ask for the demographics of that medium and only use the mediums that cater to your target market.

5) Use more call to action. Most people have so many retail and service choices that they are walking around in a state of doubt on what to buy and who to buy from. In your marketing use terms like "Call now", "Come In today", "Sale ends this weekend" "Click Like" etc. When most people are in doubt or somewhat in confusion and unsure, you will find they respond to being told what to do and that also means when you are dealing with them face-to-face, too.

6) Use more "What’s in it for me" in your advertising. People want to know what that item or service is going to do for them, how it is going to benefit or change their life and make them happy etc. So in your advertising emphasize that rather than how great your company is. If you can afford it, it is a wise investment to survey the public to find out what they really need and want, then you can then design or have your advertising designed to promote to those needs.

7) Make your workplace a friendly and happy place to be in. Probably the majority of employees don’t like going to work. How many times over the years have you heard people bitch and moan about their jobs and how they may hate it or hate the boss?
When employees are unhappy they are less productive and that costs your business big dollars and a lot of stress for you and thoughts like "why aren’t they producing and being grateful they have a job", and then maybe a desire to sack them. Of course, there can be genuine nasty, destructive employees that you have too, so do get rid of those types.
But it is the businessowner/General Manager’s responsibility to create an upbeat environ-ment and not one to dread being in. So that entails treating the employees in a friendly and dignified way and also creating a team environment with maybe drinks and snacks at the end of the week on a late Friday afternoon for example, where everyone can mingle and relax, and even things like a yearly staff picnic or trip etc. Makes a tremendous difference if you do these things and it is worth it. Anyway, there are a few tips that will help you in a huge way but if you don’t discipline yourself and do them, they won’t help you. We create our own reality by our thoughts and then actions, so over to you!

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