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Agree to Disagree... please!

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Lately there has been a bit of doom and gloom by some business owners/managers that I have spoken to in recent weeks. The truth is one creates their reality to a great extent by their thoughts.

If their thoughts are positive and they are optimistic business owners/managers who continue to take proactive actions with their business and continue to promote hard, work hard and be friendly and cheerful with their customers and clients, things go well for them, no matter what is happening in politics, the banking sector etc...

On the other hand, the pessimistic guys who say how ''quiet'' it is and how ''nobody is spending'' or ''nobody has money'', create that reality for themselves because of these fixed beliefs, and their consequent actions therefore are negative, such as cutting their advertising (why advertise when ''no-one has money''), and the public also picks up their negative and depressed vibe which in fact further drives many of them away, as most people like to be treated with friendly, happy managers and staff. Don't you?

The negative business owner/manager does not realise they are being their own worst enemy and creating a self fulfilling prophecy. So what you put out comes back to you and that is the most important Universal law, the law of Cause and Effect or action reaction as some refer to it.

So what does it tell you? Be friendly, upbeat, optimistic and promote using the marketing methods that worked for you in the past and also go to the end of my ebook on this site and get some incredible business booming tips with samples of effective ads in it.

Oh, and if you still need some good news and you don't know, there has been a major oil find in the basin around Coober Pedy and there are billions of barrels of oil worth trillions of dollars, which means we would not have to import oil and it would last for hundreds of years, plus create thousands of drilling and refinery jobs and of course a subsequent retail boom. It would probably make us the richest State in Australia too.

All the best and if you need any FREE marketing advice please call me. I will talk to you about anything in fact.

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