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Expand Or Shrink - There Is Nothing In Between

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One of Australia's most well known and loved food companies, Spring Gully, earlier this year went into voluntary administration with 11 million dollars in debt, only to get out of it recently.

They sell pickles, chutneys, sweet onions and more, and have been around 67 years. We have always ate their products and I remember when growing up my mother would regularly make us cheese and onion or cheese and gherkin sandwiches, yum!

So what happened to them? They simply failed to promote their products to any great extent because they had such a monopoly on the market for so long and got complacent.

Other generic brands promoted by the big major supermarkets here, such as Coles and Woolworths, came on the market as well, undercutting Spring Gully too.

So, in the space of only 3 or 4 months, Spring Gully have largely gotten out of administration and are fast coming out of the red with record sales.

They simply marketed there way out of the crisis using PR based on their 67 year successful history of having great products.

The demand has been so much in recent months that they have had to put an extra team of night shift workers to cater for that demand.

As I state in my ebook on this site, it is well recognized that the no.1 reason for businesses failing is a lack of marketing or ineffective marketing.

Just look at the word marketing to prove it. It comes from ''market'', which is where one sells their wares.

You may have a market stall and great products but if that stall is not properly presented to make people stop at it, you won't get too much business.

And  you have to continuously work on your marketing too, and not get complacent. For great marketing tips please check out the free ebook on this site.

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