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How To Create An Effective Ad

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Most businesses spend a lot on advertising but usually don't know the basics of creating an effective ad and likewise with a lot of ad agencies.

In a highly competitive business world it is of the utmost importance to create ads that work, otherwise you will lose your customers to the competition that are using more effective advertising.

Here are the basics of super effective print ads that I recommend:

1) The most important part of the ad is the Headline. You have less than a second to capture their attention per  studies, and it is important that the Headline creates an Emotional Response! Examples of powerful Headlines are in the end section of my ebook on this site.

2) An offer. In this day an age you have to make an offer! Whether that is a 2 for 1 or a discount for a limited time stating a date etc. this is an important hook to get customers in, as the average buyer wants more for their money these days.

3) A guarantee. Trust is one of the biggest barriers to sales and having a money back guarantee for a time  period is another must.

4) Photos. Photos of your staff is a real winner as people like to see who they are dealing with as photos create reality.

5) Dot points. Have at least 4-6 dotpoints of how the product or service can benefit them!

6) A testimonial or testimonials. This creates more trust and gives greater reality for your business.

7) Tell them to come in! Many people are in a slightly hypnotized state in this TV staring generation and actually respond to commands.

So there are tips that if you apply will greatly improve the numbers coming in to do business with you and there is an example of a near perfect ad at the end of my ebook on this site.

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