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How To Spot Destructive Employees In Your Business

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In the last week I came across two destructive employees of a sporting club I contacted.

This a club that often promotes it only gets the ''best'' people into it's organization, and in the main this is correct and it is a great club.

I like to go out of my way to support the community as many people do, and as you can see from some previous posts I am a huge fan of beneficial quotes by successful people, as they are truly life changing.

In 2012 I started to compile quotes under different headings and make booklets out of them i.e. chapters of quotes on Success, Goals, Overcoming Adversity etc. and I got a couple of hundred printed up and started handing them out to family, friends, neighbours etc. The people who read the booklet all started having great things happen in their lives and nearly always within a week of reading it or whilst reading i.e. a lady who was single for a long time found the ''man of her dreams'', others came into unexpected money or got job offers out of the blue etc.

Having been in the motivational/spiritual field for many years of my life I knew this would happen, as basically we are like computers and the software (knowledge) we take in, is what we act on if we understand it and agree with it.

Anyway, I sent a booklet I compiled called  'Great Sports Quotes For Power' to the coaches and players of this particular club, which comprised of 130 or so quotes from some of the greatest sportspeople in history such as Tiger Woods, Kelly Slater, Don Bradman, Babe Ruth etc. and it was very professional looking and I got a letter back from the General Manager basically saying thank you for the booklets but we don't want them, and his letter also contained three untruths.

So I attempted to ring him and I got his office manager and she said ''none'' of the players read the booklets and they don't even read the annual league programme (she was saying it like they were ''meatheads'' in other words) and they just get left ''all over'' the club messing the place up. Her conversation was strewn with generalities in fact and did not paint the player's intelligence in a good light either.

I pointed out to her that in mid 2013 I sent another quote book to the players and coaches and the team suddenly out of the blue started winning against top teams after losing many games in a row (I knew this would happen based on the success of the individuals I gave books to in the past) and then I sent it again before their first finals game in years, and again they won when not expected. They also won again in the first game this year on a ground they rarely win on and most of the players and coaches got the new book I sent.

I further pointed out to her that it only takes a few of the players and coaches to read the booklets and the inspiration gained from those few becomes infectious and enhances the whole team and means the difference between winning and losing in a lot of cases. I told her there were of course other factors involved in their winning but the books played a huge part.

So how does this relate to you in your business? This is just an example of how destructive employees act and by so doing they can make your life miserable and cut your profits to pieces by making you and your other employees too disatisfied to produce or by directly driving your customers or potential customers away.

Three key anti-social traits they have are:

1) They are usually hypercritical, negative, pessimistic, cynical and rumour mongers.

2) They find fault with or try to stop any beneficial actions or programs as deep down they want the organization to fail and they don't want anyone else to become better or more aware as it will show them up, or the more aware will spot them for what they are and:

3) They generalize and often lie and blame others and by doing so they can stop any proper investigation of why something is not going as good as it should be in a business, when often times they are the chief cause of the screw-ups and failures in that business.

Those type of employees need to be identified and set straight with clear intent from the employer or gotten rid of if they don't turn around and then ethical, productive staff procured to replace them.

So just be aware that a lot of your stress may not be because of your work but because of negative, anti-social types around you who are giving you a diet of bad news or just creating problems in your business where none should be.

Also last week I suggested you look at the past post I did about creating a mailing list but neglected to give you the website address which is www.affluencemarketing.net

And if you click on the ''Quotes Book'' link at the top of that page you can see a past quotes book I compiled as well.

And to end off here is a great quote by Zig Ziglar ''You get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.''

All the best,
Jeff Brown

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