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Labor Or Liberal - It Does Not Really Matter...

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With the advent and growing popularity of the internet, more and more people are becoming enlightened about amazing amounts of corruption and abuse of power in major institutions, such as government, religion, banking, the "justice" system etc.

Now, I speak to 30-40 business owners every week and of course the big topic is the election and how Labor has "screwed up" the country.

So let's look at politics. In all the major countries in the world there are 2 main parties i.e. Republicans and Democrats in the U.S., Labor and the Tories in the U.K., and Liberal and Labor in Australia. They are called the Left and Right Wings.

Taking the Australian model of Liberal and Labor we find that the Labor Party is more Socialist and the Left Wing and the Liberal Party more Capitalist and the Right Wing.

So what occurs is the Labor Party spends much more on social programs when in power and the Liberal Party more on business and attracting capital when in power, seemingly at the expense of the social programs.

When the Liberals are in power, the less affluent scream the Libs are mean spirited and want to get the Labor back in and when Labor is in power most of the middle and more affluent classes blame the screwed up economy on Labor spending too much on social programs and non-producers, and not enough on stimulating business growth and rewarding the producer.

But although this is basically true, it is a trick! A trick used for centuries on the masses called "Divide and Conquer".

The truth is, that between a left wing and a right wing there has to be a BODY, and a body with a brain who is pulling the strings!

That's right, the masses have been covertly ruled by very powerful people using the smokescreen of the 2 party system. Why is that? A few centuries back, despotic and tyrannical monarchies ruled the countries and as populations have slowly increased,especially since the Industrial Revolution, a lot of revolts occurred and many of these bloodthirsty "Royal" people and rich moneyed class such as the bankers, have ended up losing their heads(literally), as the mobs outnumbered the Royals' armies, policing forces etc...

So they have used this Divide and Conquer technique on us whilst pulling the strings from behind the "curtain", and they sit back wealthy as ever(and safe from the masses) and their political front men cop all the flack and anger from the public, but the politicians are happy to play this charade as they are on huge six figure salaries and get a huge six figure salary pension and free travel for the rest of their lives!

I have written a book on the people who are really running the show and it is too long to go into here, but in a nutshell it is the banking, energy, communications/media, Big Pharma, military industrial complex heads, along with the Royal Families of Europe, the Vatican and Zionists who are pulling the strings.

To find out who they are exactly just google "The Illuminati Bloodlines".

Before the popularity of the internet they simply said you were a "kook" or a "conspiracy theorist" if you blew the whistle on these criminal cabals but the truth is out there en masse, and their denials no longer wash any more except with the now minority of people who still get their sole source of news from the corrupt, lying mainstram media, which is fast dying as the masses see through their lies and turn to alternative media.

So what I am getting at here in regards to your business is don't give a damn who is in power but concentrate on WHAT YOU CAN CONTROL. The more you invest your energy into what's going on out there and worrying about it, well to that degree you are not putting energy into your biz and what you can control. "Nobody is spending because an election is coming" is a cop out and I hear it every week.

There is no saviour for your business but YOURSELF and your staff and how well trained they are and finding and implementing effective business knowledge to help you better your business and drive in more customers.

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