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Marketing – Don’t Wait, Go To The Customers!

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The other day I saw a nearby specialty cake shop that had only been opened for about a year now, empty and out of business. It is incredible that so many businesses open up and spend a fortune on signage and fitting out a shop and then do next to nothing to market their wares and are gone a year or two later (80% of all businesses go out of business within 5 years of start up).

I never saw any advertising such as ads in the local free delivered weekly newspaper, or flyers in the letterbox promoting this business once, in the year it was open!

Now maybe these people made the huge mistake that so many new business owners do and put all of their money into the fit out and signage and had nothing left over for advertising and were hoping that the masses would flood in in the first month or two of opening.

If I had made that mistake I know what I would have done. I would have ensured that I had at least 500 glossy brochures printed up with a photo of each of the products (they mainly had wedding, birthday, party, Christmas cakes etc.) I had, and knowing that cakes are fairly cheap to make, I would have had some baked up and spent an hour or two each day with a plate full of a variety of slices of the cakes and gone door to door (or got a trusted staff member to) of all the residences in the area and gave the occupants a free slice each and told them where the shop was and handed them one of the glossy brochures.

In no time the sales would start happening with the money rolling in and then more traditional methods of advertising could be afford to be used, or you could maybe even afford to hire someone to continue this door to door activity in a part time capacity. If the cake shop was in a high foot traffic area you would not even need to go door to door, but just stand out the front of the shop and offer the slices of cakes to the walk by public.

There is so much competition around these days that most businesses can’t afford to sit back in a “wait mode’’ any more, but you’ve got to get yourself out there and contact the people, whether it be face to face (which is best), on the phone, or at least through emails to your list, and also adverts of course.

Everywhere I go I see staff standing around in near empty shops - whether they be food shops, bicycle shops, lawnmower and garden appliance shops, vacuum cleaner shops and many more.

One or two of those staff could be sent out each day and go door to door in the surrounding suburbs (or stand in front of the shop if in a high foot traffic area) and promote their wares. It’s the best thing you can do!

If someone knocked on my door and they had a nice bicycle and offered me a free ride, I would be really excited, personally. A garden appliance guy could be walking around with one of those petrol fuelled whipper snippers that chop off weeds and trim hedges and do an in home demonstration. A lot of people have them already but maybe their whipper snip-per is old and needs replacing or maybe they need a new lawnmower or chainsaw. But whatever, if you leave them a glossy brochure with photos of all your products, you can bet they will more than likely come to you, because you boldly reached out to them first.

So my message is if you are not happy with the amount of traffic and income you are getting in and want to be more affluent but don’t have much more in the advertising budget to increase your advertising to get people in, go out to the people (whether you can afford the time to do it yourself, another staff does, or you hire a trusted, well presented and friendly part time staff member to go out there). Virtually any business can market like this but depending what sort of business you have you may have to get imaginative in the way you go about it.

If you want to thrive (not just barely survive as so many businesses are doing), think of how you can implement this and I can guarantee you within a month or two of doing it, you will be far more affluent!

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