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Marketing Must-Do's in 2014

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Factually, a lack of marketing is the major reason why businesses go broke. So here are some marketing essentials for this year and beyond so you can thrive and prosper..

√ Define where your business is at.
The best way to do this is look at your yearly income figure of the last 4 or 5 years (look at your tax records or ask your accountant) Is the income statistic going up or down? If it has risen over this period of time and you are happy where it is at then little needs to be changed. If it has been going down you need to allocate more time and energy to marketing before you become non-existent..

√ Develop and build your own database if you have not already.
A database of email addresses of past customers is an absolute MUST. It actually costs 5x more in marketing costs to attract a new customer than keep and sell to an existing customer. Depending on how many names you have it can be free to use services like Mailchimp to send out a newsletter/brochure/reminder/special offer etc. to your customer base. Also if you ever decide to sell your business and you don't have a recorded customer base you will only get a fraction for it than if you had your business database of names. 

√ Get on all the free marketing formats.
Facebook, Linkedin, Tumbir, Twitter, Youtube etc. are all usually free to promote on so get on as many as possible, as the number of people that see your business name, will determine how many people walk through your door. And of course don't drop your mainstream advertising methods either.

√ Stay positive.
People love to come into a friendly, helpful and upbeat environment and conversely a negative, unhappy, unhelpful environment repels customers and potential customers faster than a can of Mortein at a mosquito party! Maybe do a bit more training of your staff on customer relations and product knowledge in 2014 too. It will pay off.

So there are some tips for you and also this website I started in the latter half of last year is growing at a phenomenal rate as I continue to add hundreds of more names of mainly business owners. It is only $297 total to have an ad on the site that can link to your website and I am happy to offer you free marketing advice for a year as well. Just call me on 8212 5109 and we can design the ad free of charge too.

If you need your database put on Mailchimp so you can really prosper by promoting regularly to your customer base, I have a team of very ethical women in The Philippines who can do it at a very low price. Also I have a graphic artist/web designer there too.

All the best,

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