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Your Business Is Like A River!

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A lot of business people are  unaware of where the laws, customs and even terminology of business comes from. By knowing this information it will definitely help you create an even better business because the more you know how business works, the more effective will be your business, of course. This information is so ASTOUNDING in fact that you may not believe it, but it is true. It certainly is the best post to date that I have done on this site, too. So here it is.

There are two basic law constructs we are under and they are what is commonly called the Law of the Land and the other is the Law of the Sea, which is also called Maritime Admiralty Law.

The Law of the Land is referring to the different laws and customs of a country and Maritime Admiralty Law deals with the laws relating to the high seas and has come from ancient Phoenician times. It is primarily about commerce and it is the law business is run on today. Interestingly enough, this model of business was copied from actual human reproduction!

Let’s look at the terminology and comparisons to make this become clear. Firstly, goods are manufactured in order to sell them because they are valuable as they are useful for someone’s survival - whether they be cars, clothes, toys, food etc.. The word “man-u-factured’’ if you break it down comes from man and factory. So goods are usually made by man in a factory.

As the products (pro means “for’’ and duct is a “channel’’) or goods made in the factory are of value to someone they therefore are good, hence the term “goods’’. The word good comes from the word god so a good product is a “godly’’ product.

The goods after being manufactured are then loaded on a ship (also in the last century or so trains, planes and automobiles ship goods of course, but even though they come by air or road the term shipping is still used) and a ship ALWAYS has a female name. This is because they are carriers of the manufactured goods (or “god’’ products) created by the man in the factory.

In the same way, man, when he impregnates a woman, she is the carrier of the “goods’’ or “godly’’ product (a baby). Then the ship (she) sails to her destination carrying the goods and when the ship arrives at it’s destination, the first thing seen is the breakwater, which is outside the river or canal entrance when the ship docks. Often there are floodgates (or a drawbridge) there and the floodgates or drawbridge are opened to let the ship in.

Finally, the ship gets to dock and sits in berth and the goods are offloaded by the dockers and a certificate of receipt and registration is issued for each of the goods.

Are you seeing the analogy here in relation to commerce, human reproduction, delivery and how the terms relate? There is no coincidence here as commercial production is based on human reproduction.

A mother breaks her waters signifying the child is on the way, just as the floodgates near the “breakwater’’ open to let the ship in so it can prepare to deliver it’s goods.

The mother goes to the hospital and lies on the bed to give birth (where the maritime word “berth’’ comes from) and the baby comes down through her re-product-ive system which is a canal (same terminology of what a ship of goods goes down when coming in to dock at it’s berth) and then the doctor after delivering the product or ‘’goods’’ (the baby) gives it a birth certificate in the same way as when goods are delivered to the berth at the dock via the canal or river (and don’t forget a river sits on a ‘’bed’’) and offloaded and the chief docker (instead of doctor but see how close the words docker and doctor are?) gives a certificate of receipt and registration for the manufactured goods.

Pretty amazing that commercial production works in the same way as human reproduction, isn’t it? Well, it is modelled on it exactly and that system has been used as the dominant system for centuries!

Most trade has been done through the high seas and delivered on a river bank where the trade occurs (money for goods). This is why the places where we put our money are now called banks, because trade occurred on the bank of the river! In the old days they would call a receipt a “bill of goods” or a “note of  goods”and this is how come we call a dollar a dollar bill or dollar note!

One important factor in terms of the value of goods in the old days (and still) was how fast that they could be delivered and then traded for money. What determined that in the old days before electric or steam powered ships? The ocean or river currents. So when you hear the financial terms weak or strong currency, that was where it originated from! Currency comes from  the word current as in river or ocean current!

If the boats were coming down the Nile or Amazon rivers or over the Black Sea etc. on good currents, more trade would occur because of speed of delivery, thus more money is made and therefore you have a “stronger currency’’ because more trade is happening.  And if the currents were slow or there were dodge tides it would take longer for the goods to arrive so there would be less trade occurring and therefore there would be less money around and the currency would be regarded as weak. it’s that simple!


Let’s take the example of a motel. I will use this example as I have a lot of experience staying in them, as most likely you have too. A motel’s product is satisfied guests in occupied rooms (not money as money is just a representation of the product). Their dealing with their product (a guest) starts at reception (it actually starts with advertising which is a subproduct) and how fast the guest is dealt with at reception is of prime importance. You don’t want a backlog on the production (or “current’’) line with a whole lot of guests waiting impatiently at reception, as some won’t come back.

Secondly, the rooms have to be made up so there is no waiting by the guests (keep the current flowing), as if they have to wait to get into their rooms for most people it is going to “cheese them off’’. This has happened to me many times where I have had to wait for my room to be made up because of a late checkout (or maybe slow cleaners or a lack of cleaners that day). Again, that lack of speed of delivery of the guest’s product (a nice room to go to) will effect your business currency as some people are going to get upset, not come back, and perhaps bad mouth the motel to others if they are kept waiting too long, which will to some degree curtail your business “flows’’, and therefore lessen the amount of currency (income) coming in.

Also, subproducts such as room service have to be as quick as possible, too. It all has to do with speed of flow and the speed of your service will determine the amount of currency you bring in. Of course, how professional, friendly and courteous you are is of major importance too, but that is the subject for another story and I have earlier posts on this site in regards to the importance of that.

So whatever business you are in this rule of speed of delivery applies and it also applies in every area such as the subproducts i.e. dealing with the accounts in the accounts department, dealing with the marketing in the marketing department etc., and not just your product sales or manufacturing departments (if you are a manufacturer as well as a seller).

Pay your bills as quick as possible, get bills owed to you in as quick as possible, get your advertising created as quick as possible by your marketing people (whether they be internal or external etc.) and then get it out there as quick as possible etc. etc. This is what efficiency is and these subproducts lead to your overall product.

Business works just like a river and when it is flowing smoothly it is because you are being efficient and not letting backlogs or slow service happen because if you do the flow will start to dam up and you will be saying “Darn’’ and wanting to know why the currency is not coming in and the “well is going dry’’ in terms of custom or business.

If your business is slow you better act before it dries up altogether and the way to do that is to make speed of service a priority and isolate any slows on any production line in your business and ‘’un-dam’’ it. That really is the chief duty of any business owner, manager, section manager etc. If a river stagnates and goes foul it eventually evaporates and you being 77% water with no income to replenish it, will too. LOL.

Knowing this information with such clarity now puts you in far greater control over your business so I hope you apply it! The best place to start is at your own desk and take care of every thing that is backlogged that you have been “meaning to get to’’ and deal with it. Thank you.

All the best,

P.S. in the meantime don’t forget to capitalize on XMAS with promotion of specials etc. because a lot of your competitors will be!

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